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Planning and Capacity Building

Building capacity starts with a well-designed program or service based on a needs assessment of the target population. This will help tailor the messages, the methods, and the tools to reach the population and stimulate behaviour change. Captus Agency offers services such as:

  • Grant/proposal writing

  • Needs assessments

  • Strategy development

  • Capacity building tools

  • Training material

  • Organizing and facilitating workshops/events.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Organizations can improve their services and projects based on a continuous learning process. This starts with a good monitoring and evaluation system that captures the right information in a timely manner to make informed decisions. Captus Agency offers services such as:

  • Developing performance measurement frameworks

  • Creating monitoring tools and surveys

  • Baseline and endline assessments 

  • Program evaluations 

  • Research 

  • Innovating mobile data collection


Knowledge Management

Capacity building projects are often about knowledge transfer that leads to a change. Organizations have an opportunity to generate, capture, store, and mobilize knowledge to be more effective and have a wider reach. Captus Agency offers services such as:

  • Developing Knowledge Management plans

  • Documenting good practices and lessons learned

  • Writing case studies and beneficiary stories

  • Facilitating webinars and knowledge exchange events

  • Preparing, editing, and translating content to be shared with a variety of audiences

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