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Captus: capacity / capture / comprehension

Agency: the capacity to act

The mission of Captus Agency is to help organizations maximize their social impact. 


We provide project support services to organizations working in areas such as sustainable community development or emergency assistance. This may include public, private, academic, or non-profit entities that implement initiatives that make a positive social impact.

Captus Agency aims to assist organizations in designing effective programs that meets users needs, collecting data that can help make informed decisions, innovating capacity building strategies, and analyzing the success factors to share lessons with others working in similar fields. 

Now, in the wake of COVID-19, organizations must adapt to a new way of working. Captus Agency can assist in the transition and adapt strategies to the new reality.  

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Captus Agency will tailor its support to your organization's needs.

Broadly, this includes four main areas of work: 1) Planning and project design; 2) Capacity building strategies and tools; 3) Monitoring and evaluation of initiatives; and 4) Knowledge management and sharing results

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